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Discovering Elegance, Redefining Purpose: My Journey with CircleBunch™

Hey there,

I’m Vipul Singh, and I want to share my journey with you – a journey that led me to create CircleBunch™, a brand that’s all about elegance, style, and purpose.

Growing up in a lower-middle-class family, I witnessed my father’s unyielding dedication as he worked tirelessly to provide for us. His commitment left an indelible mark on me, inspiring me to dream bigger, to envision a life beyond limitations.


"I believe that the most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity, is daring to dare." – Maya Angelou
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The Philosophy

CircleBunch™ wasn’t just a brand idea; it was a culmination of our experiences and aspirations. After several attempts, failures, and learning curves, we embarked on this new venture. We knew we wanted to create more than just products; we wanted to create a movement, a fusion of style and sustainability.

Our range of high-quality, premium products, from the double wall insulated stainless steel tumblers to leakproof travel coffee mugs and stainless steel sipper bottles, all share a common thread – they’re not just everyday items; they’re canvases of artistry. Each piece boasts a fadeproof printed design, carefully curated to be both visually stunning and meaningful.

What’s more, every CircleBunch™ product is a step towards sustainability. We use OEKO-TEX certified ink, ensuring that our designs remain vibrant without compromising on safety or quality. By choosing CircleBunch™, you’re making a statement – saying no to disposable cups and water bottles and embracing reusable, environmentally-conscious alternatives.

Our goal isn’t just to sell products; it’s to offer you an experience, to bring a touch of elegance into your life. When you hold a CircleBunch™ tumbler or carry a tote bag, we want you to feel the craftsmanship, the care, and the thought behind each design.

As you join us on this journey, you’re not just supporting a brand; you’re becoming a part of a story – a story that bridges the gap between dreams and reality. Your support fuels our passion, and together, we’re redefining what it means to be stylish, to be conscious of our choices, and to make an impact.

From humble beginnings to CircleBunch™, it’s a journey that’s shaped by determination, fueled by passion, and guided by the belief that every choice we make can ripple into something bigger.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. With your support, we’re excited to see how CircleBunch™ continues to evolve, inspire, and make a difference.


CircleBunch™ Team”


"Impressive quality. The leakproof coffee mug is my go-to. Stylish, functional, and eco-friendly."
"Style meets sustainability. Love the insulated tumbler and fade-proof design. Luxury with a purpose."
"Fashionable and durable tote bags. Perfect for any occasion. Reliable style."
Alicia Stone
"Go-to for premium, eco-friendly products. Attention to detail, high-quality materials. Stylish impact."
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